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Rent to Own Mainland Information - Second Life Land

Have you ever wanted to buy a better mainland lot before but didn't have the full amount all at once to get the one you wanted? Maybe this is your first land purchase and you don't have all the lindens yet for your dream lot. Well not anymore. I now have rent to own on all the mainland lots that I have for sale. Here's how it works.

1. You pick the lot you want out of my vast selection of oceanfront protected, waterfront properties and islands. Want to know what I have available, just visit my office at Burdeyna Islands and touch the white note card giver at the front of my desk, which will give you a note card with every lot I have on it, there description, price and landmark to get to it so you can see it.
2. Pick the payment plan that fits your budget 4, 8, 12 or 16 weeks. Every lot will have the weekly fee that you pay in the description field. You can easily get to this by clicking on the sim name at the top of your screen while standing on the lot and looking at the description box under the General tab.
3. Send an Instant Message to Ray Burdeyna which lot you would like to rent to own. I will come and put the lot in a group name and rezz a payment box to make your weekly payments to. Your first week payment will be due at this time. This will allow you to use the lot just as if you owned it except for being able to resell it at this point.
4. After your rent to own weeks are up, the payment box will be removed and the lot will be set to you as the new owner of the lot at which time it fully becomes yours.
READ IMPORTANT NOTES BELOW: ***Weekly payments made on time will be required in order for you to keep the lot. If after 48 hours you have missed a payment the lot will be reclaimed. If you are unable to make your payment IM Ray Burdeyna immediately to let me know so that something can be worked out.*** ***While you are renting to own your lot, you do not have to have a premium account or make any tier payments to Linden Labs. Once you have fully paid for your lot though you will need a premium account to become owner of it and will then have to make monthly tier payment to Linden Labs.